Selecting the Right Custom Builder
Truly exceptional custom homes are created by Master Builders with an intense dedication to their craft. Like other beautiful forms of art, the luxury custom home is a unique expression of its creator's passion and talent.

Throughout history, great sculptors, musicians and other artisans have invested lifetimes perfecting their talent. In the same artistic tradition, the Master Builder is deeply connected to his craft and personally defined by his creation.

Custom homes created by Clearwater Construction Company are recognized for their timeless beauty and enduring quality. The seamless integration of innovative design, advanced building materials, superior craftsmanship and environmental stewardship is evident in each of our exceptional custom homes.

Clearwater Construction Company is dedicated to protecting our natural environment and resources. Our Design/Build approach optimizes the utilization of Green Seal® technology and LEED Certified® materials on each custom home project.

Integrated Project Delivery
Clearwater Construction Company was the first custom builder in the Caribbean to use Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) for luxury residential projects. IPD is a structured Design/Build process used worldwide by architects and general contractors to deliver large commercial construction projects on-schedule and on-budget.

IPD incorporates advanced project planning, Building Information Modeling, detailed cost analysis and budgeting, materials value engineering, and seamless construction logistics.

We are the only custom builder in the Caribbean with fully operational IPD capabilities. For our custom home clients these capabilities mean substantial cost savings, reduced risks and superior results.